Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Die Kreuzen - 1982 Demo

For this blog entry I wanted to touch on the subject of Midwest hardcore. Throughout the 80's Midwest hardcore championed some if the finest bands of the era. One of those bands hailed from Milwaukee, Wisconsin going by the name of Die Kreuzen (pronounced: Dee Kroyt-zen, German for "The Cross"). Die Kreuzen formed in 1981 and were featured with two songs on the legendary Charred Remains compilation lp the same year. The following year Die Kreuzen would record their demo tape. Both of their songs on the Charred Remains Comp., Pain and Hate Me are featured on the demo tape, along with seven new songs. Die Kreuzen during this time played a straightforward approach of hardcore with fast rhythms with some mid paced parts thrown in along with shouted vocals. A style they would play extremely well. The guitar riffs in particular were quite creative for the time and display just the tip of the iceberg of the sick and twisted playing the band would do throughout the bands lengthy career. Other than the somewhat low recording levels on the demo tape, there really isn't much to complain about. The songs are played extremely tight with only the smallest miscues. The song writing is short and straight to the point with most songs barely going over the 1 minute mark. Four of the songs are under a minute. Die Kreuzen would record and release their classic debut 7" titled Cows And Beer the same year on Version Sound Records containing 3 of it's 6 songs re-recorded from the demo. Cows And Beer went out of print but would see an official 25 year anniversary re-release in 2007 on Barbarian Records. Soon after the Cows And Beer 7", Die Kreuzen would sign to the giant Midwest hardcore label Touch And Go Records and display to the world a unique twisted version of hardcore. I plan on leaving that material for another blog post. Until then, check out the demo, and try to find a copy of the Cows And Beer 7" repress.

Die Kreuzen 1982 Demo Download

Buy Cows And Beer 7" HERE

Die Kreuzen - Hate Me - Live on public access TV

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  1. Solid reflection on this demo. But I haven't heard it yet. Looking forward to download it after work.
    Great band.