Saturday, March 21, 2009

Demo/Rare Upload Extravaganza #1

I've wanted to upload some of my favorite recent demos and rare recordings for some time now and I finally have some time to put some up. I am not the biggest fan of uploading in print hardcore. I figured there are plenty of other blogs that do this quite efficiently, so Google those if you just want an mp3 collection. Along with attempting to showcase local Nebraska hardcore on this blog, I like to promote the hardcore bands I like by uploading out of print or rare material in hope that if you like it, you will support the band and buy their music. With that said, here are a few demo/rare recordings for everyone to check out. All of the bands except Knife Fight are active and have records available to buy. Hear something you like, support hardcore and buy the record from the links at the bottom.

*I'll get cover scans up very soon

Coke Bust - 2006 Demo

As reviewed in a previous blog post, Coke Bust play fast raw hardcore that at times borderlines thrash speeds. These DC natives waive the straight edge flag proudly, ripping though 7 songs in about as many minutes. This demo was officially released as a 7" on Headcount Records with a one time pressing. I think this demo is descent, and only shows the tip of the iceberg of the power the band would show on future releases.

Download the Coke Bust 2006 Demo

Wormeaters 2008 Demo

Wormeaters is another band I've reviewed in the past on this blog. I really like their 7"s and contacted the band and they were nice enough to send me a demo. Wormeaters play a rough and tumble brand of hardcore similar to early Sheer Terror. The recording on these 4 tracks suck ass, with the kick drum way too blown out. However, the bands power remains intact especially in the vocals. The vocalist in Wormeaters is actually the drummer, and to take the strain of him playing live the band now has a new singer. New material will be up for pre-order soon, but I hope the new vocalist has the same Rev. Paul Bearer stylings. Keep your eyes peeled.

Wormeaters Demo Download

Gone But Not Forgotten - Seattle Crew Demo

Gone But Not Forgotten are a new Seattle Straight Edge hardcore band featuring members of bands you've heard of before. Don't expect over produced clean Chain Of Strength worship here. These guys play the tried and true "youth crew" style with a more raw edge. The vocals in particular are raspy and rough around the edges similar to more of a 90's NYHC approach. Lots of good speed and plenty of breakdowns. Gone But Not Forgotten will soon have the tape version of this demo available at REACT! Records, so be sure to check it out. BUST!

GBNF Demo Download

Civic Progress Demo

I love early 80's inspired hardcore. Civic Progress play just that with fast, raw, and angry hardcore. Hailing from nearby St. Louis, MO, Civic Progress speed though 9 songs on this full length demo without letting up in intensity. The recording is very raw, sounding like it was recorded with a boom box 25 years ago, it rules. No bullshit hardcore for the hardcore.

Civic Progress Demo Download

Social Circkle Demo

Social Circkle released one of my favorite 7"s last year with their garage rock n' roll influenced hardcore. Here is the bands only demo that I know of. I love the jangly guitars and the above average song writing. When this was first available, this demo was reviewed extremely highly in zines and sold out quickly. The band has since offered this demo for download on an unaffiliated website. An awesome demo for hardcore fans looking for something a little different. Recommended listening.

Social Circkle Demo Download

Knife Fight - Unreleased Burning Bridges Songs

Knife Fight is a top 3 hardcore band for me in the last 5 years. Knife Fight started by playing a brutal version of 80's hardcore with raw speeds and super pissed vocals along with mosh worthy breakdowns very similar to NYHC legends Antidote. After a very good demo tape, Knife Fight released their s/t 7" on the now defunct My War Records in 04'. New material would be released on the Burning Bridges 7" the following year. These songs are leftovers from that recording session consisting of two originals and three classic hardcore covers. Knife Fight quietly broke up early in 08' without playing a last show. Just before breaking up the band released an excellent Tied Down era Negative Approach inspired lp titled Crisis on Lengua Armada Records. All the pre-lp material including the demo and these songs are on a self released cd. Highly recommended hardcore.

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