Sunday, December 25, 2016

Favorite Short Players, Tapes, plus supplemental

Cadaver Dog - Blunt Force Trauma - Youth Attack Records

This limited flexi ep is pretty much over by the time you can reach your seat after dropping the needle.  Cadaver Dog is the one man project of J. Trejo from Denver, and what better way do do any kind of musical expression yet alone single handedly but to write some nice nihilistic fast hardcore with one of the best vocal stylings put to wax.  

Warthog - S/T 7" ep - Beach Impediment Records

Hailing out of NYC, Warthog are back with their 3rd ep in as many years, with this short, yet satisfying 4 song 7" ep that clocks just over 9 minutes.  Great 80's influenced USHC that has a really nice sounding production (something that a lot of bands these days playing this style don't usually opt for).  There are a few 70's heavy metal styled guitar duals thrown in at some points adding a fresh element. Also, the lyrics of Tightrope really caught my attention.  Check it out.

Nurse -  S/T cassette - Negative Culture Tapes

I stubbled across this ATL based harcore back on the back end of the year and was impressed with what I heard.  Nurse play a fast and quite melodic style of hardcore that has been en vogue for the last few years, but Nurse play it well on this 4 song cassette tape.  Wax version via Scavenger Of Death Records.  Check it out if you are into this style.

Being that is Christmas day, low and behold, Santa did leave a few tasty slabs of wax under the tree this year.  The one that stands out the most is the new 12" from Blood Pressure titled Need To Control.  Oh fuck yes, a great blend of great riffs, speed, and power.  A lot of the tempos are along the lines of the modern Scandi d-beat sounds, something that I can dig, being that shis style has waned a bit in popularity in the last few years, but it's pretty awesome to hear bands are still ripping it up in this style.  Buy this record.

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