Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Upcoming news, projects + more

Yo!  Just trying to keep the blog fresh by keeping up on the posts.  I figured I'd give everyone a heads up on what has been goin' on around the CCHQ as well as future plans and projects.  First, I would like to think everyone who has ordered the latest zine/CD-r comp.  The zines are all gone, and I'm down to my last 15 CD-r Mix comps.  Once those are gone that will be over 100 CD-rs moved starting from Chicago Zine Fest back in March!  I will possibly do a final zine printing in the next few days, and possibly another CD-r printing pending on how long I sit on my current batch.  I sent in copies of both a zine and CD-r comp. to MRR to be reviewed.  They seem to always be late in printing their reviewed material so I'm expecting to see it printed in the July issue.

In the next day or so I'm expected to get back photo sets from the past 7 shows I have attended, with 5 of them been shot in 120mm medium format.  Expect my largest photo update yet!  Also coming up in the near future is new zines from CC contributors Martin and Taylor once they are ready to print.  The next local quarterly zine is currently being worked on and should be ready for print the first day of summer.  There are also other plans for projects coming up mid-summer, but they are just in their infancy stage at the moment.  Expect updates upon further development.



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