Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Zine - Pointless Existence - by Martin Gonzalez

Martin Gonzalez grew up in Los Angeles and has moved to Omaha fairly recently and with him he brought a breath of fresh air into the local punk scene with his taste in music and attitude.  After working diligently for weeks, Martin finally has his first zine available titled Pointless Existence printed via Crucial Changes Printing Press.

This punk and metal fanzine features well written interviews with Danish d-beat puckers Nuclear Death Terror, Swedish raw punx Raw Hate, and local blackened noise Vickers. A written column by LA scenester CaliGlock (in Spanish),  plus a few album reviews, and photos.  A strong first effort.

20 pages, b&w, half sized, heavy cover is red or blue, first pressing limited to 40 copies.

Can be purchased from Martin himself at:
$3/ea.- $1.50 wholesale

Or by emailing CCPP at CrucialChangesHQ (at) gmail (dot) com


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