Sunday, February 19, 2012

All zine printing and binding is FINISHED!

Just a quick update letting everyone know that all of my zines are ready for Chicago Zine Fest.  To much surprise, all the printing I did the last few days went down with minimal problems.  I decided that the Stranger Randy comic will have a 24 weight green cover.  Expect one final CZF update before the event where I will talk about whatever extras I plan on bringing along.  One idea that is concrete; a clipboard for anyone who would like to join the mailing list, as well as the possibility of a  subscription based idea that I have been thinking about.  I've also been thinking about a design idea for 1 inch pins that I can give away at the fest, but so far everything I have tried so far hasn't had  a high enough resolution needed to make the pins.  I still do have some time to figure it out, but not much.  All material not sold at Chicago Zine Fest will be available for anyone to purchase right away.  Until then, all mailorders will be shipped out once I get back from CZF.  I'd also like to mention that there is a possibility that I can squeeze in a photo update before I leave.  That's it fore now.  Peace.


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