Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year, yada yada yada... + blog update

2012 already?  Damn.  I remember last January when the Tear It Up reunion show was announced and I can't believe that a full year has passed since then.  I hope everyone was safe while celebrating New Years Eve festives.  Anyway, I would like to formally announce that Crucial Changes is planning on displaying a table at Chicago Zine Fest 2012!  I'm still waiting on a follow up email from the organizers, but I'm gonna go ahead and go public with the announcement now.  I haven't been wasting any time getting ready for Chicago  Zine Fest in early March by getting a head start on reprinting back issues of the zines I have done in the past.  For some reason, I have been having a hard time finding the PDF of my first zine but I still have the raw pages saved in Scribus.  The last two nights I have finished reprinting my photo zine Scenes, limited to 20 copies.  I still need to finish the new intro page that will be included in all reprints, but once that is done, I can begin the binding process.  I recently bought a trimmer, so all further zine and CD-R projects will be cleaner.  Scenes should be ready by tomorrow night.  Up next, I'll have to solve the missing PDF problem of my first zine, and possibly reprint Interview(s) within the next few days.  My goal is to have all back-printed material done within the next two weeks to allow myself plenty of time to get the Stranger Randy comic done in the way I'd like it.  I will also be re-releasing the comp. CD-Rs I did last year on one cd just for fun.  I'll have more updates as they happen about my progress leading up to the event.

This is how I do it.

In other blog news, things have been kind of slow show wise, so I haven't had any opportunities to snap off some show photos to share.  Speaking of photos, I still have one roll of film from last year that will be processed as soon as I expose a couple more rolls.  As you can also see, that there is a a poll that has been running for nearly a week now.  So far the participation has been pretty good, and expect mini reviews of the top voted releases.  Please note that this is not a list I came up with so if any of the albums listed in the poll are not from 2011, don't tell me.  However, if there is an album MISSING from the list that you loved in 2011, please feel free to mention it via a comment.  The poll ends in less than a week, and thanks to everyone who has participated so far.  Within the next week, I will have a special feature of three guest reviewers (names withheld) that will mention their favorite releases of the year.  It should be fun, and I am pretty excited to see what will be on their lists.  Speaking of year-end lists, I will have mine out within the next week.  I'm putting it off by a few days, because I'm still waiting on some wax that I ordered too close to the holidays that I would like to digest a bit before I can write up my final lists.  OK, that's it for now.  Expect more updates, as well as the year end local's choice poll results, as well as the guest reviews, as well as my top records of 2011 list as well.  Here's to a new year!  Peace.


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