Friday, August 5, 2011

Project update - Mix CD-R Vol.II cover mockup

I decided to not waste any time in getting my next project rolling, so I spent most of this morning working on the cover for the second mix cd-r that will be out soon.  Let's take a closer look at the progress made:

Front cover... Locals only!
This is the front cover.  I wanted to keep everything as simple and clean as possible with the design.  This cd-r comp. is titled Nebraska Underground.  This is a finished design, but expect the finished product to be printed on heavier paper stock.  If I can figure out how to get it right, I'd like to do 64lb. weight card stock.  We'll see about that.

Back design
Keeping with the minimalist design of the front, the back has all the bands tracks on the folded flap, with the interior photo being of an old Omaha manhole cover.  The cd-r fits right over the photo.  Some design tweaks may be made for the back design before final printing.  This compilation will be limited to 40.

The groups being featured on Mix CD-R Vol.II are:

Flies - Omaha hardcore
Grimer - Omaha hardcore/doom metal
Feral Hands - Omaha heavy hardcore
Byleth - Omaha tech/grind
Dirty Diamonds - Lincoln hip hop
Grabass - Omaha noise

That is it for now, I may work on the liner notes booklet today as well.  More updates as they happen.  Keep you eyes appealed.  Interview(s) zine still available.  Peace.


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