Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Project Update - Comp CD-R design and printing finished

I had the day off so I figured that I would take advantage of it to work on my mix cd-r project.  After 8 hours of carefully cutting and folding, I finally have all the sleeves put together, and they look pretty good.  Let's take a closer look at the progress I've made today:

Printing and building is finished.
The plastic sleeves I ordered came in yesterday, so I figured I'd just get all the printing done and over with.  I decided that I wanted to maintain a shoestring budget for this project, so instead of going out and buying new cardstock, I used the construction paper that I had left over from my first zine project.  The plastic sleeves are a tight fit, so I had to alter the width by a millimeter using an x-acto knife.  This took forever, and after noticing a song title error, I said fuck it, it's done.  Sorry Mothra.

Here is the 6 page booklet that comes with every cd.

I also spent a good portion of the afternoon constructing a 6 page booklet that accompanies the cd.  Designing for the small pages was a pain, but in the end everything turned out pretty good.  Lyrics are included of songs by the bands who submitted them. 

All I have left to do is burn the cd's and paint the tops black.  Everything should be done within the next few days.  The printing run for this project is 25 pieces, at a price of $3 each.  If the first run sells out quickly, expect a second printing on heavier stock and all typing errors fixed.  Also expect to see a second mix cd-r announcement soon.  OK, that's it for now, the next update to be the finished product ready to sell.  Tell then, peace.


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