Saturday, January 29, 2011

MadAve Benefit Show and Chili Cook Off announced + Blog Update

The people of MadAve in Lincoln are have a benefit show and chili cook off Sat., Feb, 5th.  Bands playing are:  Vickers, Bent Life, Dope Pope, Feral Hands, and Diamonds R 4eva.  Here is the flier, email me for further details.

In blog news, polls are closed and the people have spoken!  It appears that that new design will remain.  Thank you for voting.  In other blog news, I have been unproductive due to sickness for the last week.  I have seen the doctor a couple days ago and I appear to be getting better, so I'll soon be attending shows shortly, and have a new photo update soon.  All works on my projects have been stalled due to being bedridden away from my "work" computer.  Expect to see a detailed update on all my projects in the few days.  Peace.


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