Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy birthday to Crucial Changes - 2 Years! + Winter Scene Report

I have been too busy to notice that Crucial Changes is now 2 years old! For some reason I thought I started the blog on Dec. 18th '08, but in truth is it was the 12th. Anywho, things are back up to speed for this month with a lot of photo updates for Dec. I apologize for the lack of posting for the month of Nov. For my next CC project heading into '11, I am slowly putting the pieces together for a local comp cd-r. I also have some plans for a new all-local zine lined up down the road plus a surprise or two. I will have official updates on all projects as they happen. I currently only have 1 poll up now. It was clear to see that the photographs are everyone's favorite. Thank you for your feedback, and be sure to take time to vote on the remaining poll if you have yet to do so. In final blog news, expect to see my annual year end record list posted up in mid Jan. I have a lot of wax to catch up on, but I'm expecting it to be a good list.

Winter will officially be here in a couple days, and compared to last years crazy blizzard the weather is much better but still very cold (I'm freezing over here in the CCHQ). The December show schedule for punk and hardcore usually dips, but I don't remember this few of shows for any given month. Once the New Year rolls around, shows will be picking up. Omaha's own punk house The Manor has a new blog up and running that has a calendar of all the underground punk and metal shows playing there, so bookmark it and check it often. As reported before, The Hole has moved... again, hopefully for the last time at a fresh new spot in the downtown Benson neighborhood. I have been to one show since it's re-opened and the new spot is pretty nice, especially if you want to skate. I would like to more shows booked there for sure. The skate shop is intact too so be sure to check em' out for all your skate hardware needs. For upcoming shows, NYHC legends Sick Of It All are returning to Lincoln once again in late Jan., and I am excited to see them again. I haven't seen them since fall of '04 so it should be a good time shooting them on film. 3 Inches Of Blood will be in Lincoln as well around the same time with Catheter and Black Market Fetus. It's looking like that '11 will have a little something for everyone early on. For all the show info coming up in Nebraska as they happen, be sure to check out the local message board:

In other local scene news, another record store is closing down, this time in Lincoln. Spindle Records is holding it's last ever show in the building tonight before closing up shop in the next few days. All the remaining records are on sale, so stop in if you get a chance (122 North 14th Street). Nothing upsets me more than when record stores and venues close down. I hope that in the near future, a new record store pops up to fill in. New punk venue MadAve in Lincoln is currently accepting donations to help get their building up to code for shows to happen. Let's not let a few snags ruin what the kind people at MadAve have set to do. For further donation info, email Vic:

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