Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Crucial Changes Special Announcement: New zine!

Things are getting hot over here at the Crucial Changes HQ. It's the dog days of summer and the heat is reaching the triple digits, and it's too miserable to be outside. Being that I have been just sitting around blastin' some HC vinyls (damn the new Double Negative record is killer!), and I've had some time to think about my next zine project. Throughout the last few months I have been wrestling with myself just how I was going to present the project. I knew that I wanted my second zine to be all-photo exclusively, and was originally was going to present the photos like my first zine with 3-4 photos per page. But after some friendly advise from a respected critic, I decided that the next Crucial Changes zine will feature a more minimalist design, and full page photos. I went though the vault achieves and selected the photos that I found the most visually appealing. A few of the photos may be reprints from the 1st zine, but the detail really pops when presented on a 8x5.5in. page. Also included in the zine will be a few select nature photos that I have taken of the Nebraska and SW Iowa countryside to juxtaposition the hardcore and punk show photos. In addition I have asked a few other punk photographers to submit photos they would like to see printed in the zine as well. Expect to see 36 pages once everything is finished.
Today I finished the first mock up of the cover and did an experiment of the full page photo layout to see how they will look on the page. Here is a little taste of what I have done so far, check it! (click photos to see in better detail)

Here is the cover, unfinished of course. I really like the photo I took of a train bridge in Iowa, so I decided it was going to be the cover. I really like how everything is looking so far. Once I come up with the title of the zine it will go under the photo. The plan to keep everything as clean and minimalist as possible on this project. I am also thinking of using a heavier white stock for the cover.

Here is the back cover. Again, I am going with a minimalist approach with a really cool photo I took of the under workings of the same train bridge on cover. Also note the Change Your Life photo logo bottom center with "CCPP02" below. This side of the cover is practically finished but I'll more than likely add the limited number edition for fun.

Here is how the photos will look on each page. On the left we got a cool shot of a sing along with the great Agnostic Front. On the right, things get a little weird whenever Cock ESP perform a show. This was basically just a test to see how the photos will look on the page. I think everything is coming along well so far.

Expect to see an update and a second mock up soon. Until then, stay cool.


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  1. The minimalist approach is working. I'm wondering if this even needs text on the cover?