Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer Scene Report + More!

After a mild spring but wet spring, summer is just a few days away and that means more hardcore shows for Nebraska. The days are already getting hot, and I'm expecting to attend many sweaty basements for the next few months. The shows are pretty much lined up for the season and things are looking pretty good. Terror will be playing a big floor show in Omaha on the 19th, and I'm sure the turnout will be pretty crazy. In July, Bastard Noise will be playing Lincoln and it will probably be my most anticipated show of the summer. Other promising show coming up include; Coliseum, Former Thieves, and another return of Backtrack. Looks like a pretty good mix of styles.

As for local news, High Dive has officially come out of hibernation and played The Hole in support of Hercules and In Defense to an intergetic crowd last week. Hercules recently completed a Midwest mini-tour with a stop at Midwest Fest that seemed to be another successful trip. I have have been hearing some talks of new bands forming throughout the scene as well; one called Vandalize will be playing shows very soon (Terror), so I'm pretty excited to check them out. Flesh Eating Skin Disease has been more active as of late and have been playing very strong live. They still have a few copies of their cd, so be sure to pick up a copy if you see them. Also, Homnioid and Wasteoid is to play out this summer too, and that is a good thing.

Too see all the show listings as they are being booked click HERE.

For blog news, things are back up to steam after returning from my trip to Jamaica. My vacation was a very interesting experience for me and has giving me a great appreciation for everything we have in the USA, hardcore included. A truly unforgettable experience. I missed some really great shows (MDC.... twice) while I was gone, but I have already attended a few good shows since I've been back, so expect to see some great show photos from them. Also going on in the Crucial Changes HQ; expect to see full size Crucial Changes posters to be available very soon. James has been working really hard to get those ready any day now. I believe they will only be $4/ea., so keep your eyes appealed for those. Also in the near future expect to see a nice surprise from the CCHQ... more info on that very soon, so be patient. I have also been thinking very hard about my next printing project. The initial design ideas for the photozine of national acts is underway and I should have the first batch of copies available in early to mid July. Depending on thing unfold, there is a possibility of a small run print zine in the near future as well. Second and final printing of This Is Nebraska Not Anywhere Else is nearly sold out! I am only down to 13 copies left (as of posting time), so if you want to snag a copy of the zine don't delay! Send em an email @ to place an order. $4ppd. That's it for now. Everyone have a fun summer!


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