Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This Is Nebraska Not Anywhere Else reviewed by

I have been waiting for this one for a good while now. My international hardcore blog buddy Bikir has been doing a really cool music and culture blog for some time now called Halifax Collect and he happened to catch Hercules on tour this past winter in Winnipeg and scooped a copy of my zine. Here is a snippet of the review:

"This photozine is a labor of love, attention and care of one Keith McGrath who has feverishly been documenting the hardcore/punk/alternative scene in Nebraska for a couple of years now. If you have followed his blog you know the effort he puts into his passion. Nebraska locals and bands playing there owe a lot to the guy and to make it all much sweeter and "ownable" here's a printed retrospect with hundreds of captured moments, interviews and opinions."

Read the entire review HERE

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