Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Crucial Changes invades Super Happy Doom Time - 4/6

Art courtesy of Ken Haddix

Barry at Super Happy Doom Time on 89.3 KZUM in Lincoln was nice enough to let me guest host two hours of local punk and hardcore plus some selections from the Crucial Changes HQ record vaults. After collecting all the local bands mp3's and personal selections I started my voyage to Lincoln and arrived in town about 15 minutes before the show started to meet up with Barry outside the building. The studio is up on the 10th floor in a building in the heart of Downtown Lincoln with a great view. Once in the studio we only had about 5 minutes to get ready for the show. It was pretty nerve wracking for me, but Barry and I figured out the playlists and a few short minutes we were up and running live on the air and pretty much winged it from that moment on. For about the first 30 minutes of the show in my mind I was thinking "oh man, I sound like an idiot doing this", but after listening to the podcast today everything sounded pretty good. So the time flies by and we do the show and before I know it the two hours is over. It was a lot of fun for me to do this and expect to hear another Crucial Changes radio invasion sometime in the future. A big THANK YOU! to Barry and KZUM for doing radio programming that doesn't suck.

You can download the entire 2 hour show if you missed it by clicking HERE!

I also brought my digital camera into the studio and took a few snaps of the experience. Check it out!

This is a view from the top of the world.

The KZUM mixing board (where all the magic happens).

Barry is working hard, and all I had to do was sit in that blue chair.

Some weird dude wondered into the studio, so we thought it would be funny to let him say some things on the air.



  1. Is this radio station more like a mainstream type of deal that all the townies tune into but the directors of the station were cool enough to let you shine for 2 hours?

  2. It's a public radio station in Lincoln, NE that is funded by private contributions. Barry has been doing Super Happy Doom Time (a metal show) for 5 years now and he's cool enough to let his friends hang out in the studio and do special shows. He has even had at least 1 band play live on air. It's bad ass.