Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Scene Report + more!

Holy shit!, it was a cold and snowy winter. However, all the shitty weather and the days of few hardcore shows have passed. The days are getting longer, the sun is shining more, babes have been coming into my work wearing less, and things are looking good show wise in the greater Nebraska hardcore scene. Here in at the Crucial Changes HQ, the zines have been moving at a steady pace, but there are still plenty in case you missed out on the 1st printing. I have been attending shows featuring new and young bands that bring in new kids and some of them have shown interest in the zine so things are pretty good over here. In other Crucial Changes news, Barry at Super Happy Doom Time on 89.3 FM KZUM in Lincoln put me on the spot last Monday telling the world that I was to co-host a show soon. I am collecting the songs I'd like to play as I am typing this and I asked if I can do the show this coming Monday, April 5th. This hasn't been confirmed yet, but more news on that as it unfolds. Expect to hear all local hardcore and punk jams for the 1st hour and loads of classic hardcore cuts from the 80's for the 2nd hour (time pending).

With local news, there has been more activity of bands recordings as of late; Hercules just came back from a 3 week tour in support of their brand new 7" Bring Me Power that is showing the band getting heavier and faster. The fairly new Thunderbolts from Lincoln have a brand new cd-r titled Silver Suffer that has a really cool DVD packaging that is worth checking out. I also finally got to see them live and they are a lot of fun. If you like the Gainesville sound, you' love them. Omaha's newest heavy hardcore hand, Feral Hands have quickly put together a cd-r and tape demo that is worth checking out. They just started playing shows, but expect to see/hear more about them in the future. Mother Pile from Lincoln have a pro-quality made cd demo just made that features songs recorded in the last few years available now as well. Heaviness defined.

Shows for the summer and some for fall are starting to be booked with some shows looking pretty promising. Here are the shows lined up so far via Nebraska Hardcore's myspace:

Upcoming Shows ( view all )
Mar 31 2010 7:00P
Donnybrook, Alpha And Omega, Worst Of Times & more @ The Hole Omaha, Nebraska
Apr 25 2010 8:00P
Former Thieves, Bone Dance, Agress, Hercules & more @ Ghost House Lincoln, Nebraska
May 3 2010 8:00P
Black Breath, +more@ The Manor Omaha, Nebraska
May 20 2010 7:00P
Title Fight, A Better Hope Foundation, Koizumi, Ties @The Hole Omaha, Nebraska
May 22 2010 8:00P
Mountain Asleep, Antilles, Koizumi @ Ghost House Lincoln, Nebraska
May 23 2010 8:00P
Foundation, Rotting Out, Backtrack & more @ The Hole Omaha, Nebraska
Jun 3 2010 8:00P
End Of Year, +more @Ghost House Lincoln, Nebraska
Jun 5 2010 7:00P
The Carrier, The Bonus Army & more @ TBA Omaha, Nebraska
Jun 9 2010 8:00P
In Defence, Hercules, High Dive & more @ The Hole Omaha, Nebraska

That is it for now. I'll have some show pics up from the last few weeks up soon. Be sure to pick up a zine at whatever show I may be at or you can order one by sending an email. Also, expect to see a new local spotlight up soon.



  1. BRING ME POWER Keith! It's called BRING ME POWER!

  2. Thanx for the great blog, just picked up the Void demo and gonna see if I can find some more good stuff :)

    Always looking for people to support my new blog by linking with me.

    Classic Hardcore Violence

    Please leave me a comment if ur up for it!

  3. Just an FYI, the Mother Pile demo actually came out Jan of 2009. :)

  4. Thanks for the heads up. Enjoy the exposure.