Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Show Review - "Show Us Your Heart!" benefit show - 10/10/09 @ PS Collective

Show Us Your Heart! was a show was set up to raise money and gather clothing donations for YES (Youth Emergency Service), a non-profit organization aimed to give assistance to the homeless. Ties, Eastern Turkish, And Collapse, and Kilgore Trout were set up to play the show and it was for a good cause, so I felt it would be a good idea to attend and donate a few bones. I have never been to the PS Collective before, but I found out that the show space was appropriate for such an event. For how small the hall was, the stage was quite large, and offered plenty of room for even a 5 piece band. The PA/sound was pretty good too, though not necessarily needed for a venue of such size. I arrived fairly early to the show to find out that the turnout was quite good. The show space is adjoined to a pizza place, so lots of people showed up early to enjoy a slice before the bands played. After hanging out with some fiends that I met at the venue for a little bit, the show got underway. Kilgore Trout opened the show with well written emotional rock songs. For being only a guitar/drum two piece band they were quite enjoyable and had moments that sounded like Fugazi. I see lots of potential in them. Good stuff. And Collapse played second and played a safe sounding blend of radio rock and hardcore. They have a pretty good stage presence and their vocalist can sing well, but it's just not my thing. They brought with them a good group of loyal fans, so it was cool they played the show. Before the next band played the show promoter got on stage and thanked everyone for turning out and explained how important it was that people cared enough to show up and donate to the cause. A nice moment. Eastern Turkish played next. These guys are probably the youngest punk band in Omaha that plays out often, and often bring a good group of loyal fans wherever they play. Eastern Turkish play a tight blend of hardcore, pop punk and Hellcat Records styled street punk. I've seen these guys a few times now, and they always put on an energetic show, and all their fans sing along and dance for every song. I hope these guys stick around in the scene for a long time because I can see them becoming a bigger local punk band. During Eastern Turkish's set I reluctantly had to leave to catch a midnight showing of The Holy Mountain. The melodic hardcore band Ties wrapped up the show, but sadly I was unable to see them. I found out today that the mic was cut during Ties set due to disturbing the customers? What a sour note to end a benefit show on. I hope whatever happened between the band and the venue has been settled by now because I would like to see more punk and hardcore shows at this show space. Overall, I had a really good time seeing the bands play and it felt good to help make a difference the community. I do not know exactly how much money was raised, but by the good crowd turnout I'm sure it was a good amount. I hope that YES can put together something like this again soon.

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  1. Good stuff!
    Plus, seems likes there's so much going on in your scene.