Monday, February 2, 2009

Classic Hardcore Revisited: Code Of Honor / Sick Pleasure split lp

Subterranean Records -1983

The early 80's Southern California punk scene was a big deal during it's heyday. Legendary bands like Black Flag, Bad Religion, Social Distortion, Adolescents, Dead Kennedys, Agent Orange, TSOL, etc. played out often and released classic albums. However, a band that is commonly overlooked from the same era was bay area punk band Code Of Honor. Code Of Honor shared the same stage with bands mentioned yet for some reason aren't brought up in the same breath. Possibly this is so because the band only lasted a couple years and only released a 7", a split lp with Sick Pleasure, and a poorly reviewed full length lp before disbanding. I decided that I wanted to upload the split lp for everyone to check out. I'll start out briefly talking about the Sick Pleasure songs. Sick Pleasure is pretty much pre-Code Of Honor minus one member. These songs were the last batch to be released after the band broke up. They are a little bit more raw than the Code Of Honor songs, but still enjoyable. The Code Of Honor side is one of my favorite SoCal punk offerings ever recorded. The band plays somewhat speedy for the time and have a great trebley guitar sound and emotive, powerful vocals that are quite unique. The band can play hardcore speeds well with fast and powerful songs Fight Or Die and and People's Revolution. The band finds it's true power however with mid-paced rippers Code Of Honor and the excellent Stolen Faith (my favorite song on the split). Production on the Code Of Honor side is better and sounds pretty good. Everything sounds really full especially the vocals and the guitars. A very powerful release, especically the Code Of Honor side. The album art on the Code Of Honor side is also exceptional with a killer photo of the bands skateboards next to a Les Paul guitar. Recomended listening.

Download the record HERE

Code Of Honor - Stolen Faith - Promo Video 1984

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