Saturday, November 5, 2011

Local Spotlight - Hominoid

Omaha blasters Hominoid have been quite busy playing out more as of late in support of their new self-titled 10 song tape that was produced just before their Midwest tour last month.  Since the last tape release more than two years ago, Hominoid have added a second bassist, and have incorporated early-90's death metal influences and noise soundscapes into the mix of their mid-90's PV worship making them one of the more powerful bands in the middle America scene. I caught up with Hominiod's drummer, Alex at a show recently and agreed to be interviewed to chat about the band and other things.

You know the routine, introduce yourself and what you do in the band.
Alexander - drums
Mitchell - bass /  electronics
Nathan - bass
Jon - guitar

How and why did Hominoid get started?
Alexander - I lived in Omaha for about a year, and hadn't found anyone to play music with yet.  Jon and I had similar musical taste, I didn't know if he could play music or not, but I asked him to if he wanted to start a band with me. Than we asked Nathan who cant play music to be in the band cause he was 15.  played as a 3 piece for a couple years, Mitch joined the group this last February.

What have you recorded so far?  What is upcoming?
We recorded a demo in summer 2009. we just finished our 1st record last month. hopefully it will come out sometime.

Where do you draw musical and lyrical inspiration from?
Musically - the skull

Lyrically - the occult, ancient culture and religion, anomie, sociological structures, the duality of capitalism vs communism, civil disobedience, humanity as a holon

What process do you guys use to write a song?
Alexander - We used to write songs based around drum parts and I would hum the guitar riffs to Jon and he would figure them out.  Now we function as more of a band, Jon brings a riff and we jam it out than I usually give the song direction, the "whats next" factor. We bounce ideas off each other.

What is your opinion on the Nebraska hardcore/punk scene at large?
It's fair

What are all ya'lls current playlist?  Do you have a top record of the year?
The new Selena Gomez single. its dumpy.
Femme Fatale is record of the year.

Any bands out there that we should know about?
Our favorite local bands:
Mitch - powerslop
Nathan -  shamon exiles
Jon - gag reflex
Alexander - Icky Blossoms

If Hominoid was to cover an 80's dance song, what would it be?
The normal - Warm Leatherette  (back note, came out in 79, sticking with it)

Alex, I know you read shit.  What are the latest books you guys have read?  
Alexander - Unfortunately, due to school starting I've only been reading my text books. but the last few books I read:
Kurt Vonnegut -  Galapagos
Milton Friedman - Capitalism and Freedom
Cormac Mccarthy - The Road (this book is dark!!! never had a book give me nightmares before)

JG Ballard - The Crystal World
Arthur Koestler - The Ghost In the Machine

What parting message do you want to leave Crucial Changes readers?
Were going on a tour mini tour starting this weekend (October 14 - 19)
Iowa City, Chicago, Appleton, Madison, and Minneapolis. so if anyone in those cities reads this, come hang out with us. Some songs off our new record, we got tour tapes of it, and new shirts, were a real band now.

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