Monday, November 14, 2011

Are punk 45s worth buying?

I asked myself that same question after seeing an upswing in bands releasing more singles format releases, and noticing that prices can be as much as $7 for less than 4 mins of music.  I can see the collectability of an exclusive track or the strength of the single factoring into buying a 45, but to listen to one, the experience can be a bit brief.

I asked my readers the same very question; Are punk 45s worth buying?  The overall consensus... YES.  However, a majority of those YES votes were more aligned with the idea of only of the song is great, or expressed not even bothering to listen to the record due to length.  I often more than not find myself in the latter category, too busy multitasking to be flipping records over every 2 minutes.  Only three people who answered the poll as a NO due to lack of content to price ratio.

Should the price reflect the amount of content on the record?   Do you think 45s should be $4 or less?  Does it even matter with nearly any release being online?  Let me know and comment below.

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