Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Floorpunch - Fast Times Rehersal Demo

In the late 90's the phenomenon of straight edge hardcore revival was at full force. All throughout the 90's minus a few bands (Strife and Mouthpiece), hardcore was getting slower and more metal with every passing year. By the late 90's there was a big rebirth of late 80's inspired bands playing fast hardcore without metal leanings. Spearheading the style were bands: Ten Yard Fight, In My Eyes, Fastbreak, Rain On The Parade, and my personal favorite, Floorpunch. Floorpunch formed in late 94 in New Jersey during a time when slow, metal influenced hardcore was dominating the local scene. The band would set out to bring back the late 80's NYHC sound along with a very in your face stance on the straight edge lifestyle. During the bands existence, Floorpunch would be criticized for their "jock attitude" and unheeding interviews, something that the 90's hardcore scene in general was somewhat against. Floorpunch would eventually release their demo Goal Line Stand and their debut 7" Division One Champs, both available on Equal Vision Records on one cd called Twin Killing. During this time, Floorpunch were a a bit more raw in their song writing but the overall power is top notch. In 1998 Equal Vision Records would release the bands final recording, the lp Fast Times At The Jersey Shore. By this time Floorpunch is at the top of their game, releasing in my opinion is the best hardcore release of the later half of the decade. Everything I love about hardcore is here: super fast speeds, loads of mosh parts, pissed off lyrics, and awesome production and playing. For a few years I hear of rumors of a demo floating around of the lp, but never seen or heard an official copy. What I would later find out is that the band recorded a full length rehearsal tape of the songs for the lp, but never circulated them as a demo. I would eventually get MP3's of the tape a couple years ago. The recording is obviously from a tape and the tape hiss is probably due to 2nd or 3rd generation dubbing. However, Floorpunch's playing on this rehearsal tape is spot on. The lp's final mosh-outro "Let It Ride" appears on the rehearsal tape as a mosh intro without any lyrics. Other than that, the rest of the songs on the rehearsal tape will appear on the lp in the same fashion. The track listing isn't included on my MP3's and the track numbering is off by one (as far as I know there isn't a track 01). I'll post the track listing up soon. Floorpunch would disband a few years later in May '00 due to personal conflict within the band. Ex-members of the band would go on to release other hardcore releases, but none of them would reach the same popularity level as Floorpunch. Last year the band would reunite for a benefit show and play two sets in two nights. Floorpunch will also be playing their "final" reunion shows soon at Sound And Fury Fest in California, then a last show in Pennsylvania sometime later this year. Be sure to see them if you can. BUST!

Get the rehearsal tape HERE

The Final Mosh - CBGB's - 5/21/00


  1. I could never get into this band but they help me understand and appreciate the big picture of what is American hardcore, in a way. Wouldn't mind hearing that demo though.