Thursday, April 9, 2009

Agnostic Front - Live At CBGB (1989)

Agnostic Front - Live At CBGB
Relativity Records - 1989

"This is the title track from our first album, an album called Victim In Pain. This song is also called Victim In Pain.", the famous opening lines for the live album, Live At CBGB (1989) by the legendary New York hardcore band Agnostic Front. In my opinion this album shows the band at the peak of their live power, recorded August 21, 1988. The lineup on this album is the same as the often overlooked lp Liberty And Justice For... except Craig "Ahead" Setari handles the bass duties. After seeing Agnostic Front live on Tuesday, it really made me think of this album. Released on Relativity Records in 1989, this live album caps off the 80's era of the band perfectly. For anyone who would like to get into the 80's Agnostic Front classics, this is the album I would recommend. As the album title sates, this is a live record taken directly from the soundboard. All my favorite songs are here, and they are played very good complete with spot on drumming and shred solos. The sound quality is excellent, and the crowd is energetic with audible cheers and sing a longs throughout. With 19 tracks total it's a lengthy set as well with excellent song selection. A very good live hardcore album. Recommended for all hardcore fans.

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Agnostic Front live in St. Louis 1988

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