Friday, March 6, 2009

SS Decontrol - Live, Interview w/ Demo

SS Decontrol, Society System Decontrol, or SSD as they would later call themselves were among the first Boston Straight Edge Hardcore band to break into the scene along with DYS, together forming the "Boston Crew". Comprised of guitarist Al Barile, vocalist David Spring ("Springa"), bassist Jamie Sciarappa, and drummer Chris Foley, SSD was set apart from other start up straight edge hardcore bands of the time due to their strict hardline stance against drugs and alcohol. SSD's early recording material was heavily influenced Minor Threat with a mostly short and to the point songwriting style, with a few original elements tossed in, most notibly, Springa's intence vocal style. During this time SSD released two 12" ep's witch are hailed as Boston Hardcore classics. The first, The Kids Will Have Their Say a split release on their own label X-Claim and with Dischord Records in 1982, followed by the Get It Away 12" on X-Claim Records in 1983. These records are long out of print, but have been bootlegged more than once. In 1984 the band released another 12" ep on Modern Method Records titled How We Rock. Gone are the fast rhythms of the past and the beginnings of a more hard rock song writing approach, as well as ditching the straight edge lifestyle. When this was initially released the band received a huge backlash for changing so drastically. In my opinion the album isn't half bad, but fails in comparison to the bands earlier material. In 1985 the band broke up and posthumously released the dreadful lp Break It Up on Homestead Records. Break It Up will appeal to the most diehard AC/DC fans and not much to anyone else. The only official material still in print today is a poorly put together compilation on Taang! Records called Power. With modern technology, I would recommend not buying it, and seek out the early material only. What I have uploaded is a somewhat rare recording of an early live performance taken from a soundboard, as well as a radio interview that contains the bands first demo(!). The live recording really display the bands power and energy on the stage. A good recording but sadly it's a bit short. The demo songs are very simple, but still good for an early 80's demo, and the interview is an interesting glimpse into the bands beginnings. After the band broke up, bassist Jamie Sciarappa would later join Slapshot.

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SS Decontrol - Boiling Point Live @ Buff Hall, NJ

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