Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fall Update 2015 - Going back to Chicago + More

As mentioned before, I wasn't able to Chicago Zine Fest this year due to registration complications.  However, moving forward, the organizers of the event really stepped it up and opened registrations more than 5 months early, instead if the first come first serve gauntlet in the past.  I sent in my application a few weeks ago, and I've been waiting patiently for their decision. I'm happy to announce that Crucial Changes has been selected to table at Chicago Zine Fest 2016.  What this means is that there will be a new installment of Crucial Changes zine soon.  With the time allowed leading up the event, it is a possibility that I can crank out two issues by April 30th.  Also planned in the near future, I have at least two other printing projects lined up:  One being a tri-fold pamphlet/newsletter for OMDGA, my local disc golf club, and the other being a surprise to be unveiled later.

In local zine news, it has been brought to my attention that there is going to be an Omaha Zine Fest next year on March 12th, at 1316 Jones, a very nice banquet hall in downtown Omaha.  I haven't been able to get much more information about the event outside of a registration period expected to open soon, and an opportunity to sponsor the event.  For more information, email:  omahazinefest@gmail.com  I'm pretty excited for this event because I'd like to meet local zinesters and talk about and share ideas to help grow the scene.  I plan on sharing more news about the event as more information is released.

In other CCHQ news, expect an upcoming fall/winter scene report, and possibly an interview or two. 2015 is winding down, so also expect a year end best of records list to be written up in the next eight weeks.  Lots of things are happening, so be on the lookout for more updates as they happen.  Peace!


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