Thursday, January 7, 2010

Favorite 7"s of 2009

There is something I want to say that I forgot to express on the previous post:

Crucial Changes WILL NOT upload any in-print releases from any hardcore bands past or present. There are plenty of other blogs out there where you can do that. If any of my reviews interest you, you can buy the record by clicking on the band name/album link.

Here are some of my favorite 7" hardcore releases from 2009.


Vaccine - s/t 7"

Vaccine play super hard and brutal blasting straightedge hardcore with mid paced breaks. The band has a former Think I Care member, and this 1 sided 7" pretty much sounds like the 2nd TIC 7" from back in 2003 but more raw and more edge. Originally a cassette demo from '09, this 7" is straight to the point and blows past quickly with songs in the 30 second range. I hope these guys release more content in the future. This 7" is pretty hard to get, but if you can find a copy, don't hesitate to buy.

Broken Needle - s/t 7"

I've been following these guys ever since their great cd-r demo from 2004 and these older hardcore dudes from Los Angeles show no signs of slowing down after releasing an awesome lp a few years ago and coming again strong in 2009 with this 5 song 7". Broken Needle can play, and they really display it on this 7" with it's super strong song writing. Speeds remain quick and controlled throughout the slab of white wax and the songs feature awesome leads sprinkled throughout. Awesome Cali vibe. Dudes... where's the lyrics sheet? Recommended.

Hate - Crimes

These guys seemed to have come out of nowhere and I decided to pick up this 7" on a whim, and I'm glad I did. Hate come from Chicago and play brutal, ugly down-tuned style hardcore similar to the 90's Memphis hardcore sound with a vocal style that lies somewhere in black metal territory. Hate most of the time keep the speeds at mid-paced and have really hard and slow breakdowns on a couple of tracks. Sure, the bands name is pretty dumb, but don't let that decide for you. This is also one of the best packaged 7"s I've bought in a long time: a screen printed folding cardboard sleeve, a card-stock insert w/ lyrics, and a poster. The music is also pressed on thick black wax. Good job, good stuff.

Migraine - s/t 7"

Fast and out of control hardcore from California with shouted distorted vocals here. The bass really stands out in the mix and it adds to the songs power. There are also a few guitar leads tossed in for good variety. The songs are hanging on my a thread, but the bands power make up for it. A lyrics sheet would be nice, but overall, a pretty cool release. Check it out. New 7" out soon!

Deep Sleep - Paranoid Futures

The underrated Deep Sleep from Baltimore return with their 3rd and final(?) release. The band continues to bring more melodic elements to the sound that was hinted on last years Manic Euphoria 7" that bring comparisons to Adolescents and Descendents/All. Awesome song writing throughout with lots of interesting guitar riffs and leads over the mid-paced punk drumming. The vocals are pretty clean, but that only adds to Deep Sleep's melodic vibe. All 3 of Deep Sleeps 7"s can be also bought on cd called Three Things At Once if you missed out in years past. Great melodic punk. Buy this shit!

No Tolerance - Boston Straight Edge

The songs from this fast, hard hitting straight edge 7" was originally released on cassette last year but are finally making a vinyl debut in 2009. This some some pretty moshy hardcore here with lots of hard riffs, plenty of speed, and even some blast elements similar to Brotherhood(!). The lyric content is straight up un-apologetic, in your face straightedge. My only complaint is that there are only 4 songs. There needs to be more edge bands like this. This rules, ur moshin'.

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